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There is new addition on page «Kittens for you»...   >

We added some information about our newborn kittens, also we present to you litter that was born in our friendly cattery:      ›››››

22.10.2008 г.
Few days ago four new kittens were born…   >

            Now in our pride we have four kittens more – two pretty girls and two nice boys. Kittens were born on 12 of October.

            These babies comes from a tender love of our bicolor pair and that is why both parent take equal participation in kittens growing.

      The father of kittens , imported from Germany, very beautiful and charismatic black bicolor Oriental cat - Maramao's Rigoletto. He loves his children and replaces their mother often with great pleasure.

        Мама этих милых малышей - урожденная Fendy Hathor, она же Боевой Розовый Слоник, она же в быту - Фенечка!

          Обладая бойким нравом, а так же будучи веселой и игривой непоседой, она, тем не менее, оказалась великолепной матерью и порадовала нас своим отношением к котятам. Спокойно и хорошо родила и теперь прекрасно кормит своих первых малышей.


            Further detail on this litter we will present later on…

Last weekend we participated in annual 9-th Moscow Baby-Saloon cat show…   >

         This is one of the biggest cat shows specialized for young animals, kittens and youngsters. Breeders are showing their achievements in cat breeding for past year.

         Two our young girls – Evolet (peterbald girl, that was born in our friendly cattery “Lik Palmiri” due to a breeding cooperation project with our cattery “En Reemen”) and Tary  (Siamese girl imported form Hungarian cattery OKONOR) participated in WCF judgment.
       Eastern group of cat breeds was not so big but very good in quality. Also in the group was present    brother of our Tary – Okonor Loki and a young Siamese boy from cattery «Private Collection» .  

        We congratulate our friend, breeder and partner Radmila Polyanskaya with good result of Evolet – two nominations on BIS and title BOS of Eastern group.

        Also we congratulate Laszlo with nomination on BIS of Okonor Tary and outstanding result of Okonor Loki (owner Dedova N./Lushina A.) that became best Eastern cat, II- best in show cat and The best kitten in TICA rings!

Photo report with our kittens and other SIA/ORI cats you can see here:    ›››››

There are new addition in personal photo-albums of kittens…  >

Not long ago kittens of Rigoletto and Emily became two month old, and we decided to make photos of them outside. It was a final nice sunny and warm days in Moscow. You can proceed to personal albums of each kitten to see how they grow up since last photo session:      ›››››

We updated our website…  >

There is a new addition in Photo albums, Pedigrees, Queens, Links and many other pages. Partially, English version of our website started to work. Please discover yourself all improvements that were done...

Our kittens are 1.5 month old…  >

There was a nice weather outside and we decided to take pictures of our kittens. Of course it was a scary venture for them. Because it was a first time outside the house, but cats curiosity took over the fear and they started to discover new world around them. You will be able to see that photos in personal albums of our kittens on the page «Kittens for you»:      ›››››

Our website started to work in test mode…  >

We are sorry for some incomplete pages and lack of information. In the nearest future we will finish building of our website, and we will keep informing you about the process, you will find the info about that on news page.
Below we put some news that happened not long before we started our site.

We made some new photos of our kittens at 1 month ...   >

...age and photos of our growing cat Evolet, at 10-th of August she will be 4 month old.
Kittens photos  :     ›››››
Evolet photos :      ›››››

We’ve been waiting for long and it happened!   >

Finally we got our new girl from Hungary – Tary! Her name means Queen on Elvish language. We do not know if she becomes a real queen in future but now she behave herself as a princess at least.
Look for the detail in future news…

We have a new Peterbald girl of chocolate and white color.  >

Evolet is our aliment girl that was born in Lik Palmiri cattery. This litter was made according to our joint venture project and that is why Evolrt has double suffix “Lik Palmiri & en Reemen” All additional information about Evolet you can find on our cats page.       ›››››

We have a newborn Oriental & Siamese kittens!  >

From our Oriental pair Rigoletto & Emily we have a litter of 5 kittens, two boys and three girls. For more information please proceed to page “Kittens for you”       ›››››

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