Some very little information about our cattery.


Regro s Planety Suslov Amaranta Mercuryhold


We've been breeding Peterbald cats for six years in partnership with Volshebny Zver' Cattery. That is why all our kittens had VZ in their names. Now we decided to work separately.Some of our kittens and their children live and participate in breeding programs of many PBD catteries.


For a present moment in our cattery we have three young cats:


Also we have our retired old cats: Katy Malika San...

Katy Malika San Katy Malika San

Broneslav Mercuryhold and Nelson Volshebny Zver'

Katy & BroneslavNelson Volshebny Zver'

.....they all  live with us and we love them very much.


We would not write about all our cats and their children, but if you have interest we can tell you about our breeding. Now we only give you some information about our last kittens and litters.

Cleo Volshebny Zver' (Nelson Volshebny Zver' x Amaranta Mercuryhold), owner Catherine Bastide

Cleo Volshebny Zver'


Litter  F...Volshebny Zver' (Nelson Volshebny Zver' x Amaranta Mercuryhold):

Litter F Feliks & Kohiba

Feliks (now lives in France at cattery "Shahjahanpur" ) and his brother - Kohiba (now lives in Voronej city)

Feliks Volshebny Zver' Kohiba


Litter H...Volshebny Zver' 23.12.2006 (Regro s Planety Suslov x Amaranta Mercuryhold):

Hariton & Harita Hariton & Harita

Our kitten Hariton now lives with us and girl Harita that was adopted by our friendly cattery "Lik Palmiry" that specialize in breeding of bicolor Peterbalds . We decided to work together in collaboration for better breeding programm.

Our new Cattery "en Reemen" was registered on 9 of October 2007 from now on, all our kittens have new suffix in their names, "en Reemen" means East on elvish languege.

We proudly present our first litter A

Breed: peterbald (PBD)
born: 24.09.2007
Regro s Planety Suslov & Amaranta Mercuryhold
Almareya Leere en Reemen ( female PBD n 33 )
stays with us
Arquen Budha en Reemen ( male PBD n (var) )

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